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J.D.'s real world experience as a client who often retained the legal services of others provides him insights that many legal or ADR practitioners do not enjoy.  That, coupled with extensive formal training, allows J.D. a technical but practical skill-set, permitting an effective, straightforward approach to negotiations and dispute resolution. From transaction to mediation, arbitration or formal court proceedings, more than 40 years of combined experience makes J. D. an excellent choice for attorney representative, mediator or arbitrator. Mr.Moore can be reached at 816-448-3420 or by email at

    Moore  Dispute  Resolution  Services, LLC 

J.D. Moore is an experienced mediator, arbitrator and litigator.  For over 20 years J.D. has worked with some of largest and most sophisticated companies in the world while maintaining strong relationships with local clients and attorneys.  Matters have ranged from small but important misunderstandings to complex multiparty disputes valued in the tens of millions of dollars. Before practicing law, J.D. gained 25 years of practical experience as owner of his own construction and development companies.  J.D. has participated in hundreds of projects, negotiations, mediations and arbitrations, both in the US and internationally, and has developed a significant civil trial practice in state and federal court.  J.D. drafts and negotiates all types of contracts, including EPC contracts, and has provided advanced procurement and contract negotiations training to industry leaders in construction, design and engineering.