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Arbitration is a private, binding judicial process similar to court proceedings. An arbitrator, or panel of arbitrators, hears the case instead of a judge or jury.  The decision, or arbitration award, then can be registered and enforced by a court of law.  Arbitration is not a matter of right and to be enforceable must be agreed to in writing by the parties.  Arbitration often is cheaper and faster than traditional litigation and is just as binding as a court's determination.  Mr. Moore has been trained by the American Arbitration Association as an arbitrator and is a long-time Member of the AAA's National Panel of Construction Arbitrators and Roster of Neutrals. Mr. Moore has deep experience with a wide variety of arbitration forums, including but not limited to AAA, such as the ICDR, IICPR, ICC, CIMA and the LCIA.  Mr. Moore also arbitrates non-construction commercial disputes.     

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Negotiations are part of everyday life.  It is the fundamental process we use to settle differences or reach agreement. However, not everyone is comfortable during negotiations and not everyone is good at it. Sometimes there is a failure to understand a few basic principles.  More often, it's simply that one party to the negotiation has remarkably more experience with the subject matter than the other. Think first time home buyer versus an experienced general contractor. Mr. Moore has been negotiating deals and contracts for over 40 years. Whether you are a first time deal maker or experienced professional, Mr. Moore can assist to add value to any negotiation no matter how complex.


Mediation is a non-binding dispute resolution process where a trained third-party neutral - the mediator- assists the parties in reaching  a mutually agreeable solution.  Terms for any agreement are completely up to the parties and cannot be forced on anyone.  Mr. Moore has been trained by the American Arbitration Association and the University of Missouri's Centre for the Study of Dispute Resolution as a mediator.  Particularly knowledgeable in real estate, construction, engineering, power and energy,  Mr. Moore  can effectively apply the mediation process to any commercial dispute and prefers a firm, evaluative approach in most commercial disputes.  

                                                                                     Construction Transactions

There are few areas as complicated as the world of construction.  Often, a large gap often exists between the experience and knowledge of the contracting parties.  Even sophisticated parties can find themselves in uncharted waters facing difficult issues.  Mr.Moore has been drafting and negotiating construction transactions and settling related disputes for more than 40 years. He has represented owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, sureties and suppliers.  Mr. Moore is familiar with most all construction delivery methods and project documentation.  Well versed with industry forms - like those provided by the AIA - Mr. Moore prefers contracts tailored to the specific needs of his clients.   Whether during a transaction or resolving a construction related dispute, Mr. Moore is highly qualified and ready to assist.


Litigation is the process of taking legal action through the traditional state or federal court systems.  Every citizen has a right under the law to have any valid cause of action resolved in the appropriate court.  Most often, there is the right to appeal lower court decisions to a Court of Appeals and even the Supreme Court. Though notoriously slow and often expensive, litigation is  the most common form of dispute resolution.  Mr. Moore has been litigating cases for 20 years in state and federal courts.  He is an experienced trial lawyer who has tried cases in more than a dozen states.  Claims have ranged in size from a few thousand to well over 100 million dollars.  Whether in front of judge or jury, Mr. Moore an excellent choice for trial attorney.